As the Body of Christ we are called to live for something other than ourselves. One of the questions our church council has been asking is: “Is our church an interest based organization or a mission based organization?” An interest based organization is one that exists to serve the needs of it’s members (ie. a country club). In a mission based organization, however, the members exist to serve someone or something else (ie. the Rotary Club or the United Way). Please consider this question and your call to serve as a part of the body of Christ here at Tierrasanta Lutheran Church.

Tierrasanta Lutheran Church’s mission is:

Sharing Christ’s Love, Serving God’s Children, Transforming Lives, and Making Disciples
Core Values are our deep-seated understanding about who we are. It is not enough to say, “Our core values are honesty, integrity, quality.” Every organization says that. Likewise, it is not enough for our church to proclaim, “Our core values are fellowship, discipleship, and evangelism.” At Tierrasanta Lutheran Church we are working to define our values in ways more related to personality, experience, and style. For us core values are not the same as aspired values, and for us core values are not the same as core beliefs. Two churches may have identical core beliefs and very different core values. Core values are positive and present within the current environment. They are also enduring. Our core values give our people a greater sense of the personality and style of our church. As we move into the future we want to honor and respect the identity that has been formed in our past.

At Tierrasanta Lutheran Church we value:
·      Lutheran identity
·      Worship
·      Relationships
·      Building children’s relationship with Jesus
·      Service to others
·      Giving to those in need
·      Being welcoming and accepting

Lutheran Identity – What does it mean to be a Lutheran? As a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, TLC is committed to sustaining and enlivening Lutheran identity. Lutheran identity holds central the theological theme of “justification by grace through faith.”  The heart of Lutheranism is centered on the grace and love of God made known in Jesus Christ. No one is more centered and focused on this than the Lutheran tradition within Christianity. Even though our ethnic histories are important, Lutheran identity should be tied to this one message: God is gracious. Lutheran identity is about discovering over and over again God’s love and God’s power to create faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Lutheran identity invites us to hone our skills in proclaiming this love and power in the community in which we live.

Worship – What is worship? The word worship is derived from the old English word weorthscipe which means at its simplest, to give worth to something. When we gather together for worship as Tierrasanta Lutheran Church we give worth and meaning to our relationship with God. Our worship together is centered on the Word and the Sacraments.  It is in worship where we hear the story of God’s love for us in Jesus Christ.  It is in worship were we receive Christ’s forgiveness through the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion. It is in worship were our identity is formed as the people of God.  Worship is central to our life together as a church.

Relationships – Creating healthy relationships is one of our highest priorities at TLC.  At TLC many of our ministries center around the connectedness we share as a family of faith.  Sharing time together as brothers and sisters in Christ has always been one of the things we do best as a church.  As a congregation we also look to engage the Tierrasanta community and build relationships with our neighbors.  One of our foundational beliefs is that “all ministry is relational” and we encourage you to celebrate this core value of our congregation.

Building children’s relationship with Jesus — At TLC we want for our ministry to be child-friendly, but more than that…at Tierrasanta Lutheran Church we believe that children play a major role within the church.  This core value is built into the very heart of many of our ministries here at TLC.  At TLC we are always looking to involve children in our ministry.  At TLC children are not just the “church of the future” they are the “church of right now.”  At TLC it is important for us to engage children and families and support them as they grow in the faith.  TLC’s Children’s Ministry strives to provide a Biblical foundation for a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. And we are always looking for ways to provide relationship building opportunities with each other and with Christ.

Service to others – Jesus spent His life helping others. “the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life a ransom for many.”(Matthew 20: 28) Service is the heart of the Christian life.  The mature follower of Jesus stops asking, “who’s going to meet my needs?” and starts asking, “whose needs can I meet?” As a family of faith at Tierrasanta Lutheran Church we look for ways to serve our congregation and our community.

Giving to those in need – Giving is a way of life for Christians.  We give of ourselves because Jesus was given for us.  One of the most beloved Bible verses of all time talks about giving.  John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son.” God graciously gives to us, and we need to learn to give to others.  Through our support of Third Avenue Charitable Organization (T.A.C.O.) with proceeds from the rummage sale, or through our support of our Missionary Partners we grow as givers.  We look for times and places that we can give and celebrate this activity as disciples of Jesus, who gave himself for us.

Being welcoming and accepting ­– Jesus welcomed all people and as his followers we are committed to being a community that is welcoming and accepting. At the center of our congregation is a commitment to hospitality.  Many of our members at TLC joined our congregation because of the welcome and love that they received when they first came into our community.  We seek to be a friendly and open.  It is up to each of us to make our congregation the kind of place where all feel welcomed.