The Military Outreach Ministry is one of necessary time and effort.  Through this ministry, Tierrasanta Lutheran Church support to the local military community will be a focal point four strategic objectives identified by the 2014 Visioning Retreat.  In the Tierrasanta community and neighboring Serra Mesa community are over 5000 military families, many of which have needs or issues that could be addressed if someone cared to listen and would dedicate the for the congregation as we work with the local Murphy Canyon Chapel and its Chaplains to make a difference in the lives our ministries touch. 


Provide outreach services to military families at both the Murphy Canyon Chapel facility and at our TLC Campus to meet identified needs and to introduce them to our congregation and ultimately increase the military family membership at TLC.”


In keeping with our Mission Statement “Sharing Christ’s love, Serving God’s Children, Transforming Lives, Making Disciples”, we believe that the “outreach” to the military families should be the primary focus of this strategic objective – we will definitely be sharing Christ’s love, serving God’s children, and potentially transforming the lives and making disciples of those touched by the our ministries.  It is our hope and belief that if the outreach is successful, Tierrasanta Lutheran Church’s support of the local military community will be well established and new military families will begin to join the congregation.

 With the above established our initial measurable goals for this ministry are tied to the outreach events/interactions with the military community and the number of new military families attending the church.   The initial goals are:

2014    2015    2016    2017    2018    2019

Outreach Events              5          7           7          8            8          8

New Members/Year        1          2           2          3             3         3


To proceed with our objective, our strategy was first of identify the needs of the local military community.   To do this, we met with congregation members who are currently or formerly in the military, with current military families living in housing, and with the chaplains at the Murphy Canyon Chapel.  From discussions with these individuals a number of needs were identified and each was analyzed to determine if it was something that TLC has the resources/ability to take on.   This process has lead us to target two identified needs – that of families not having sufficient funds to address basic needs (e.g., food, clothing, etc.) and that of family pressures/stresses resulting from deployed spouses.   Potential ministries were discussed and those selected were reviewed with the Murphy Canyon Command Chaplain to get his opinion/buy-in on both the needs and proposed ministries and to enlist the chapels support.   The ministries events will be held at either the Murphy Canyon Chapel (MCC) or the Tierrasanta Lutheran Church Campus.


The current ministries are listed below.  For each, a ministry plan has been developed and an alignment worksheet has been completed to ensure that each is in keeping with the TLC mission statement, core values, SWOT, and demographics identified in the Visioning Retreat.   An alignment worksheet for the ministry can be viewed by clicking the below link.

Military Outreach Alignment Worksheet Link

The ministries are listed below and more details on each is available on the Military Outreach Ministries tab.

  • Children’s Clothing Fair Ministry
  • Military Food Drive Ministry
  • MC Fall Festival Ministry
  • Children’s Holiday Gift Fair


We ask all TLC members and anyone in the local community to join us in supporting our local military community through donations of their time (volunteering to support one or more of the various ministry events) and/or by donating funds to the TLC Military Outreach Designated Fund.   With YOUR HELP, these ministries can and will be successful and have a direct positive impact on both the military families it touches and one those who support it.   If you have questions or want to support the ministries, please contact the ministry via email to “” or  by contacting the church office at 858-560-8688.