Crossways Bible Study
Crossways Bible Study can change people’s hearts and lives profoundly. Crossways Bible Study traces the grand storyline that runs through the entire Bible. With 40 units on the Old Testament and the intertestamental period, plus 20 units on the New Testament, Crossways Bible Study serves as the ultimate travel-guide for an unforgettable, in-depth journey through the Bible. Imagine having a better understanding of the unique message of each book of the Bible in relation to all the others? Crossways is designed to help you see the connections between Old and New Testaments like never before. Come connect the “bits & pieces” of the Old and New Testaments together like never before! The course is usually taught over a period of two academic years (30 units per year). Come join us in the fellowship hall at Tierrasanta Lutheran Church in San Diego on Thursdays at 10:00 AM. Crossways will conclude June 11th and resume again in September. Please contact the church office if you have questions.

In addition to the Crossways Bible study group there is also the following Bible study groups;

  • Breakfast Bible Study on Tuesdays 6:45-7:45 AM at the Spice House Café.  Each week we meet to discuss the Gospel lesson for the coming Sunday. We use the questions from the “Serendipity Study Bible” to help lead our discussion. It is a great time of food and fellowship. Come join us, Pastor Vadis will even buy your first breakfast!
  • Parable of Jesus. Pastor Vadis will be conducting a series of classes on the parable of Jesus. Come and learn about the short stories that Jesus told his followers. Classes begin on Thursday, January 19th (10am or 7pm). Contact the church office to sign up. Everyone is welcome.