Memorial Garden

Saying goodbye to our loved ones is never easy. We long to preserve their memory in ways that respect the dignity of the lives they have lived. We loved them in life, and we treasure that love even in death.

The TLC Memorial Garden is intended to create a place that honors and respects the lives of those we loved. Recognizing that every moment of our life is a gift from God, we take comfort in knowing that life continues beyond the grave.

The TLC Memorial Garden is dedicated to the memory of our loved ones as well as providing a place for reflecting and remembering the Good News of the Resurrection and the Promise of Christ that he has gone on ahead of us to prepare a place for us in God’s house.

The Memorial Garden includes a series of 3 “cross-shaped monuments”, each having 80 niches for urns containing cremains. The monuments are approximately 8 feet tall and are constructed of split-faced block, incorporating unique translucent Jerusalem crosses.

A Memorial Wall is also included in the Memorial Garden on which plaques are placed with names of persons whose remains are interred elsewhere. Entry into the Memorial Garden is through a large ceremonial gateway symbolizing angel wings and an open cross to indicate that we enter eternal life through the Cross of Christ.

Contact the church office for questions on eligibility for purchase of a memorial niche or plaque.