The purpose and overview of TLC’s ministries focused on outreach to  the local military community are provided below.

Children’s Clothing Fair Ministry

Purpose of the Ministry:  This ministry provides a venue where TLC members, the Tierrasanta community, and local military families can bring clothing their children have outgrown and make it available to the children of local military families.  This ministry addresses the financial constraints  of these families by providing for the basic needs of growing children and will save family funds for other necessities.

Ministry Overview/Scope:  This ministry will introduce TLC and more of its members to the local military families by providing clothing assistance for their children in a friendly and familiar atmosphere.   TLC volunteers will be available and easily identifiable to greet parents, assist in clothing selection, and answer questions about the event and ministry. TLC and other assistance agency brochures will be available on hand.

Military Food Drive Ministry

Purpose of the Ministry:   The Military Food Drive focus is to help military families in need due to financial limitations by providing them nourishing food and demonstrate to TLC’s resolve to support the local military families.

Ministry Overview/Scope:  The food drive will be conducted twice a year (May and November) with the intent being to provide nourishing food to at least 100 families in the local military housing.  For the May drive, the food packages will provide 3 days of food for a family of four.  For the November drive, either the 3 days of food or the makings for a complete Thanksgiving Day dinner will be provided.  In an attempt to establish a relationship with the families, the food distribution will coincide with Grace Night and the families will be invited to partake in the Grace Night dinner free of charge.  Besides the normal Grace Night attendees, additional congregation members will be encouraged to assist in the distribution and to join the families for the Grace Night meal.

MC Fall Festival Ministry

Purpose of the Ministry:  Support of the MC Harvest Festival which provides a stress free relaxing environment for Murphy Canyon military families to enjoy themselves at little to no cost.  This venue will also help establish TLC’s name in the Murphy Canyon military community.

Ministry Overview/Scope:  In the past few years, local churches and organizations have joined together with the Murphy Canyon Chapel to plan, organize, and put on a Murphy Canyon Fall Festival.  This venue is a safe Halloween trick or treat alternative for the children in Murphy Canyon..  TLC has joined these groups to support the event planning, hosting a Bible (Lazarus) Bowling booth, and offering support to other activities to the extent feasible.

Children’s Holiday Gift Fair

Purpose of the Gift Fair:   The Gift Fair will provide a venue for the military children to make a gift for their parents a gift that they might not otherwise be able to provide due financial constraints.  If will also introduce the TLC Military Outreach to the Murphy Canyon community in a very positive manner.

Ministry Overview/Scope:   This ministry will introduce TLC Military Outreach to children in Murphy Canyon military housing.   It provides the children of military families a opportunity to make gifts and cards for their parents at both Mother’s/Father’s Day and Christmas and let their parents feel special with a handmade gift from their child.