Global Mission Partners:

“MAASAI SCHOOL 121”  Our project is to build a secondary school in northern Tanzania. We’re partnering with a Maasai community  led by the village elders and Wilson and Rose Lengima, a young Maasai couple who have made the long journey from illiteracy to a university education . Our valuable in-country advisers include Angelika Wohlenberg and Ed and Nancy Giddens. Angelika has worked with the Maasai for 28 years as a nurse and has built two primary schools. The Giddens have lived in Tanzania for 25 years and are currently faculty at Mt. Meru University.

We value partnership and local ownership and have agreed to help establish the school as a response to the Maasai community’s desire for this project and at their request. We have enthusiastically agreed to the tribal elders’ decision to provide such things as land, certain local building materials, simple road construction, and a safe school environment. Local Maasai leaders will participate in all decisions concerning the school, including selection of courses.

When we say “building a school”, we mean much more than constructing a building. In developing nations, the lack of resources can result in classrooms jammed with seventy to eighty students, one teacher, and no student textbooks. With gratitude for generous donors like you who make it all possible, we will develop a school with the resources and staffing in place for top quality learning of mind and heart with care given to encouraging an attitude of respect for traditional culture and a desire to invest in the future of the community.

We agree with Wilson and Rose and our in-country advisers who tell us that education of the mind is only part of the vision.
Knowledge and skill can be misused. Hearts tuned to compassion, gratitude, self discipline, and integrity with love of God and people as the ultimate pursuit – these are also goals of an education at the school. We look to the Bible to be our guide with Jesus as our inspiration.

Dr. Timothy Keiper and Christine Keiper came to know Wilson and Rose Lengima and the Maasai community during their 2010/2011 stay in Tanzania where Tim was a Fulbright scholar teaching at Mt. Meru University in Arusha, TZ. We have been blessed to have Tim and Christine with us in Worship at TLC several times and we look forward to having them with us again on March 16, 2014, to hear about the progress that the school is making.

“ON EAGLE’S WINGS” – On Eagle’s Wings is an ecumenical Christian ministry that proclaims Jesus Christ and serves the Church and individuals in remote and isolated areas of northern Canada. On Eagle’s Wings operates two Piper Aztec aircraft for northern ministry. Visit for more information about the On Eagle’s Wings ministry. Tierrasanta Lutheran Church supports “On Eagle’s Wings” through its missions work.

Missionaries ImageMESANO – KENYA- Tierrasanta Lutheran Church supports the Mission Hospital and St. Phillip’s Theological College through its missions work. Dr. William (Gerry) Hardison, M.D., and Mrs. Nancy Hardison, Ph.D. were missionary witnesses for the church in Maseno, Kenya, Africa for many years. Jerry was the Director of the Maseno Hospital, and Nancy was a lecturer at St. Phillips Theological College, and both were Volunteers for Mission for the Episcopal Church, USA, and members of All Souls’ Episcopal Church in Point Loma. We were blessed to partner with the Hardisons for many years. We continue to look for ways to partner with the Christian community that they worked with and continue to spread Christ’s love and name to all the world.

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Remember our global mission partners in your prayers!