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Adult Choir

There has been an adult choir offering anthems of praise and comfort since the very beginnings of this congregation.  Betsy Frater is at least the third director to lead the group, coming on  as organist/choir director in October of 1987.

Adult choir at TLC has offered their vocal gifts  most sundays and at special services/concerts using 4-part harmony. This means that there are music notes labeled: ‘melody‘, (usually the Sopranos-  females who sing higher pitches comfortably),
with three other parts singing ‘harmony‘,  enhancing  that melody.  Those parts :

  •   alto (females with lower pitch comfort)
  •   tenor (males singing higher pitches)
  •   bass (males singing the lower harmony )

The melody can ‘shift’ around to other parts as well, but most of the time the Sopranos get it (just like in our church hymns).

Our group sings many styles from spirituals to Baroque to Classical to Gospel.   The first criteria for choosing an anthem for a service is to try to sing lyrics that match the Bible readings for the day.    Of course  the desire is for it  to be musically appealing!  The hope is that you are edified  not only a pretty tune sung musically, but the Scriptures that were read, and the Message that was preached.

Please consider joining us, even as a part-timer!    For the last several years, the need has been great in the bass section, but all added singers are a help to us!   We have fun and pray for each other and the congregation at the end of rehearsals.