As you listen to the handbell choir, you might see the bell ringers damping, shaking, plucking, swinging, and even striking their bells with a mallet.

Do you wonder how the bells make the beautiful and unique sounds? A good way to think of a handbell choir is like a piano, where each member controls a few keys and rings their bells as the notes appear in the music. The bells are tuned to different pitches and cover a three octave range. Higher bells are smaller, and lower bells are larger and heavier. At times, you might even notice the ringers using handchimes.

Our handbell choir rings during all seasons of the church, including Christmas, Lent, and Easter. We play a variety of music, such as patriotic songs for the Fourth of July. We invite you to enjoy the handbell choir at our special musical performances. In the past, we have performed at the Gospel Concert and Madrigal Concert, even dressing up in costumes!

You will see the handbell members wearing the color that represents the season of the church year—same as the altar banners. Color, like music, plays an important role in our worship. For example, blue for Advent communicates the message of hope.

The handbell choir is part of our active Music Program, led by our Director of Music. Many of the handbell ringers also sing in the church choir.

If you are interested in becoming a handbell ringer, please contact the Director of Music. We practice Wednesday evenings at 6 p.m. and encourage you to become a part of this joyful sound.